Your Expert for Marketing and Selling Residential Homes in Vancouver

~ Kelsie combines a global, innovative and effective marketing plan with exceptional customer service to make the selling process timely, enjoyable and successful. ~

Dedicated and Determined - Kelsie genuinely cares about building and maintaining quality relationships with clients while working hard to sell homes.  She utilizes every resource available to get property's sold for the best possible price in the quickest manner - Video Tours, Professional Photos, Advertising, Open Houses and more... 

Follow-Up - It is important for you to be kept up-to-date with information relevant to your property on a weekly basis.  Showings, Open houses, Recent Sales in the Neighbourhood. Kelsie provides you in written form with weekly updates on activity in the market that is relevant to your property and also provides you with detailed feedback from showings and open-houses.

Approachable and Available - When you do receive offers on your home, Kelsie will help you objectively evaluate every buyer’s proposal without compromising your goals. Throughout the selling process, she is always available to address any questions or concerns you have.

Marketing, Exposure and the use of Global Networks are the Keys to getting Your Property Sold

Here's how she does it:

1. Online Marketing 

It is estimated that 90% of home Buyers in North America go online to look for properties  before ever calling a Realtor. Your home will be advertised on an industry leading 7800 + websites including our teams growing network of sites and partner sites, the CENTURY 21 system, online classified sites and, of course, and the MLXchange network (the Realtors MLS). Through several personal, team and global websites your property will be exposed to thousands of potential buyers online at any given moment.

2.  Professional Photographs

If you have ever purchased a property previously the process of looking for a new home often begins by looking at listings of homes on or viewing properties your Realtor sent you.  The photographs attached to these listings are often your first impression of homes for sale.  If the images are dark, out of focus, or of poor quality the chances of you wanting to view that home may signifcantly reduce. 

Clear, Bright, and Professional Photos are always guaranteed when listing your home with Kelsie.  We promise to make that one chance first impression impressive and memorable through high quality photos.


3. Print Advertising

A more traditional resource that is still used and still an effective part of Kelsie's marketing plan.  Through Just Listed Flyers, Detailed Feature Sheets and Ads in Newspapers/Magazines, print media is yet another avenue used to expose your home to thousands of potential buyers.  
4. Email Marketing 

Kelsie works closely with a team of Realtors who have a giant database of past clients, present clients and other Real Estate Professionals.  As soon as your home is listed with Kelsie a "Just Listed" email is sent to this entire database.  This is just 1 additional avenue of exposing your property to the most people possible.  You never know, a friend of one of our contacts may be looking for your property... Kelsie explores every avenue and opportunity for finding that one person that your home is perfect for.

5. Open Houses 

Realtors conduct 2 different types of Open Houses for clients.  The first type is for other Real Estate Agents who will preview your home for their clients, called an Agents Open House.  The second type is for the public and are held much more frequently.  At all of the Opens Houses visitors of your home will be escorted in and out of both the building and your property.  No visitors are left to roam your home on their own or left unescorted at any time.

6. Streaming Online Videos

7. No Lock boxes 

For each and every showing that occurs at your home Kelsie will be there to personally escort the other Realtor and his/her clients.  This provides Kelsie with the ability to address questions posed by the other Realtor or their buyers  immediately.  Avoiding lockboxes also gives Kelsie the opportunity to truly SELL your home through ensuring all features of it are seen and described in detail.
                                             lock box

8. Facebook, Google and Twitter

Ads are created featuring your home and placed on Facebook, Google and Twtter.  Adwords are purchased with the address of your home ensuring that anyone who is looking for your property on Google or other search engines will easily find it and be directed to our websites or ads featuring your home. 

                                                            fb and twitter

9. Century 21 - More than a brand, A Global Network

CENTURY 21 is the largest and most recognized Real Estate company in the world with more then 7700 offices in 66 Countries and Territories worldwide and more then 120,000 licensed sales associates. We are a global network working as a team to sell your home. As the Real Estate market changes so to do our strategies need to change. The “all for me” and “hyper local” approaches are being replaced with the team approach and global collaborations.



Kelsie has sold over 90 million dollars worth of homes since 2008, her track record is proven.  
If you're thinking of selling your home in the near future, Kelsie would love the opportunity to sit down and talk with you personally. call 778-387-6090 or email her at to request a personal appointment, your home's current market value and a suggested listing price.