Please visit a website composed by our Team of Real Estate Professionals that recognizes Vancouvers Best and Newest Deals on the market every week. 

With hundreds of new listings coming on the market every week, the process of sorting through them and finding a great place at a low price can be an overwhelming and timely task.  With the winter market upon us, record-breaking interest rates, and the lowest property prices we've seen in years, Vancouver's Real Estate market is now plentiful with buyers.  This increase in buyers translates into more people looking for properties of great value.  Listings that are priced well in Greater Vancouver are selling extremely quickly, in fact, many in only a number of days. 

In response to the increasing demand of buyers hoping to find great deals in a quick manner, Listings of the week was created.  Please utilize this website as excellent resource to Consistently and Accurately recognize the best deals on the market in your area of Vancouver every single week.  


Below are the best valued listings in the following areas:

Downtown Vancouver


North Vancouver 

                            East Vancouver

                       *** The TRI-Cities are COMING SOON ***

If you have an additional area that you would like added to this site that is not listed above please 
contact us with your request. 

Listings are posted to every Monday Evening.


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